The Chair of Comparative Government represents the field of comparative politics. Theoretical, empirical and methodological aspects of the comparison of regimes and governmental systems in a historical context are dealt with.

One focus is on empirical democracy research, with a special focus on the world region (area) of Latin America.

Another focus of teaching and research is the analysis of the political system of the Federal Republic of Germany, in particular the political development of the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, using comparative categories.

Academic Staff

Head of Chair: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Muno Tel. 0381/498-4443 Room: 341 wolfgang.muno(at)uni-rostock(dot)de
Academic Staff: Dr. Christian Pfeiffer Tel. 0381/498-4446 Room: 338 christian.pfeiffer(at)uni-rostock(dot)de
  Dr. Jan Müller Tel. 0381/498-4449 Room: 339 jan.mueller(at)uni-rostock(dot)de
  Alexandra Gericke, M.A. Tel. 0381/498-4447 Room: 339 alexandra.gericke(at)uni-rostock(dot)de
  Prof. Dr. em. Nikolaus Werz   emeritus nikolaus.werz(at)uni-rostock(dot)de
Senior Lecturer: Dr. Pierre Gottschlich Tel. 0381/498-4359 Room: 345 pierre.gottschlich(at)uni-rostock(dot)de
Guest Scientists: Dr. Miguel Latouche Tel. 0381/ 498-4450 Room: 340 miguel.latouche(at)uni-rostock(dot)de
  Nitin Arya, M.A. Tel. 0381/ 498-4448   nitin.arya(at)uni-rostock(dot)de
  Dr. Héctor Gabriel Briceño Montesinos     hector.briceno(at)uni-rostock(dot)de
Secretary: Kirsten Hahn Tel. 0381/498-4444 Room: 337 kirsten.hahn(at)uni-rostock(dot)de
Student Assistants: Hanna Kröll     hanna.kroell(at)uni-rostock(dot)de
  Trinidad Almendra Arias Villalobos     trinidad.villalobos(at)uni-rostock(dot)de
  Wiebke Brünger     wiebke.bruenger(at)uni-rostock(dot)de
  Lennart Kirchhoff     lennart.kirchhoff(at)uni-rostock(dot)de
Tutor: Jonas Kramer     jonas.kramer(at)uni-rostock(dot)de
  Bibiana Schwarz